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            FAQ / Frequently Questions

            What products can be cast in the mold?
            Cement and plaster mixtures can be cast in the mold regardless of the type of rubber the mold is made of. Any special requirements, as resin and wax, has to be specified when placing the order.

            What products can be used as release agent?
            The basic release agent that is usually recommended is a mixture of soap and water (like Castile soap) to 50%; castor oil with a little part of alcohol can also be used, depending on the type of rubber provided. Other types of release agents can be discussed over the order’s submission.

            What locking devices are supplied and which can I ask for?
            The mold’s standard locking device consists of through bolts of different sizes. Other types of locking devices can be supplied under request depending on the budget (hooks, hinges, clamps plates etc.).

            Is it possible to apply different solutions for the counter-molds?
            Different solutions can be provided under request and depending on the budget, such as manual overturning systems, support plates, frame bolts, reinforced counterparts etc.

            Is it possible to change a mold after purchase?
            Yes, the counter-molds can be modified in thickness or implemented with different reinforcement materials and closures.

            In case of breakage or deterioration, can only change the damaged parts?
            Glass-resin counter molds are always replaceable and repaired. The rubber must be evaluated at the time, depending on the type of break or deterioration.

            How do I get a quote for a model that is not in the catalog?
            To get a quote for an item that is not in our catalogs is enough to send a picture or a drawing of the model that you want to make, along with as many information as possible (height, width, depth, type of material etc.). If you don’t have a model, but you only have a drawing (or even just a concept), you can still get a model made by our sculptors.

            Which maintenance do the mold require?
            To ensure consistent effectiveness over time, the mold needs few but important care:

            1. Keep the mold away from direct sunlight or heat sources;
            2. After and before each cast clean any spilled material and cleanse the mold;
            3. During storage, carefully close the mold into the fiberglass counterparts ensuring that the joints are properly lined up, spread the inside with a coat of industrial talcum powder and protect the outer rubber parts from direct sunlight or heat sources.

            What are the manufacturing lead times?
            We manufacture molds under request; the manufacturing lead time for a single item from our catalog is 5-7 working days. In the case of multiple items the manufacturing lead time will depend on the the amount of items (maximum 30/40 working days). The timing will always be discussed when the order is submitted.

            What kind of delivery service do you offer?
            The goods will be sold ex-factory, so you can come and pick up the molds directly from our warehouse or our couriers can deliver them to you everywhere in the world, once you accepted the shipping costs.

            If you want to know more or you want to receive clarification you can contact us by clicking on the button below: we will reply to you or contact you to clarify any doubt.

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