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            What does design for us mean?

            Design is the initial process in which the construction / realization of our moulds is planned, during which the parameters of the product and the production process are defined. This is a very important, fundamental and strategic phase, which is why we pay particular attention to you.

            We design ideas and matter

            In addition to everything present in the catalog, we can create custom moulds according to your needs. Starting from a design, sample or idea, thanks to the collaboration with sculptors, engineers and trusted craftsmen, we can design and produce various sculptures, furnishings, ornaments and decorations.
            By choosing between different types of rubber and armor, rolling and closing systems, the result will be a unique and quality mould.

            Example of drawing, sculpture, mould and reproduction:


            We design and implement different models of:

            1. Balaustrades
            2. Statues
            3. Fountains
            4. Vases
            5. Bases
            6. Tables
            7. Pets
            8. Sacred Art
            9. Street furniture

            The main materials used in the production are:

            1. Plaster
            2. Resin
            3. Stone
            4. Cement
            5. Marble
            6. Terracotta
            7. Wood
            8. Wax
            9. Bronze

            Urban Furniture and Plaster Furnishings

            Moulds for urban furniture:

            1. Curbs
            2. Borders bows
            3. Windows frames
            4. Eaves
            5. Tiles
            6. Moulds for building
            7. Concrete models

            Moulds for plaster furniture:

            1. Frames
            2. Rosettes
            3. Ceilling

            For any request, fill out the form and send us an image or an idea of the project you are interested in; we will be kind enough to answer or contact you as soon as possible.

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