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            What we do

            We reproduce Art

            We provide you with all our experience, more than half a century of history, in the production of rubber molds with fiberglass countermolds for the creation of concrete, plaster, resin and wax products (ornaments, urban furnishings and artifacts industrial).

            We are the only ones we can guarantee, for many of our catalog models, a faithful reproduction from the original handmade carving (Italian stone sculptures): this means greater attention to detail, greater porosity to the touch and a look as similar as possible to the original model.

            Long lasting molds and superior strength!
            Only from us you will find molds made with “caucciù rubber”, natural rubber with mechanical resistance features and durability over any other synthetic rubber and exclusively worked in the world at our company for over 40 years. More durability, longer life, more quality.

            Alternatively we use different types of silicone, polyurethane rubber or specific materials for precision models . On request and on model evaluation, molds exclusively in fiberglass.

            The high quality of materials used allows us to obtain extremely durable rubber molds designed to last for a long time.

            We have thought of them, we have studied them and we have created them.

            Four types of moulds for every needs

             Rubber moulds with fiberglass counterparts Slim Line
            1. Caucciù rubber or alternative
            2. Fiberglass counterparts
             Rubber moulds with fiberglass counterparts Mid Line
            1. Caucciù rubber or alternative
            2. Fiberglass counterparts
            3. Iron structure
            4. Closing bolts
             Rubber moulds with fiberglass counterparts Full Line
            1. Caucciù rubber or alternative
            2. Fiberglass counterparts
            3. Iron structure
            4. Closing bolts
            5. Support stands

             Rubber moulds with fiberglass counterparts Custom Line
            1. Fiberglass counterparts
            2. Iron structure
            3. Support stands
            4. Customizable closures
            5. Line available only on some types of models
             Example of mold made on customer specifications
              Mold on commission
              1. Polyurethane Rubber
              2. Iron Frame
              3. Iron Plates
              4. Swivel and foldable system

             Rubber mold detail
             Rubber mold detail
             Rubber mold detail
             Model detail

            Moulds on request

            We make any type of mold from an idea, a design or a model supplied directly by the buyer.

            On request we can supply solutions such as manual overturning systems, support plates, frame pins, reinforced shapes, closing hinges etc.

            We work with several sculptors to create original designs or copies and we are able to restore most of the models for the subsequent creation of a mold.


            1. Wide choice of original models or commission creations
            2. Various types of rubber depending on the material used
            3. Various types of countermoulds depending on model size
            4. Various types of closures for greater flexibility in work


            1. Duration
            2. Reusability
            3. Low maintenance
            4. Post-sales support

            Warranty and Assistance = Security for your purchases

            We make our molds to the best quality criteria; for this reason we can give you 6 months warranty on any manufacturing defect. In addition, throughout the mold life, you will have available telephone assistance ready to solve and assist you with any technical or work related issues.

            Rubber molds= Long-term investment

            Our molds are designed to last a long time, while maintaining your production’s quality intact. This will give you a lesser impact on the final cost of the product and a continuity of production.

            Less Maintenance = High Productivity

            The quality of the products we use and the rubber’s thickness, is such that the ordinary maintenance will be reduced to a minimum. This will guarantee you a constant productivity which your customers will thank you for.

            Citti G.F. = Extensive catalog of models

            With over 4500references in stock, many of which are matchable with each other in many ways , we can quickly meet any request. Your search for the right items will no longer be a waste of time.

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